My thoughts about math

My thoughts about math

For all the time I’ve been at school, I’ve got several favorite subjects: math, English, and gymnastics. Most of all I like math, starting from the second grade.

Mathematics is something more than just numbers and calculations, it’s a kind of magic and genius simplicity at the same time. To understand mathematics, you have to think rationally; it is not without reason that they say it develops logic. Studying mathematics requires special care and thoughtfulness.

This subject is necessary for profound study for those who are going to enter technical universities: engineers, builders, designers. But for the development of logic, general erudition, and analytical thinking, everyone needs to study mathematics.

I used to study it additionally, with a tutor, but soon realized that if you give enough time and make the appropriate efforts, you can cope on your own. If I have any additional questions about the subject I ask our teacher. She explains things very well and clearly and answers all questions in great detail. Sometimes I explain mathematics to my classmates and friends myself when they have difficulties. Sometimes my parents help me to solve a problem, and I am very grateful to them.

Thanks to my diligence and perseverance, I get only excellent grades in math. At the same time I try to do well in the other subjects, pay attention to my physical training in gymnastics classes and additional sports sections.

I do not know yet, what I will do in the future and what profession I will choose when I grow up, because I still have a lot of time for that. Not the fact that it will be in some way related to mathematics, but now it does not matter. All that matters is that I really like this subject, and I devote a very large amount of my free time to it, getting the most out of it.

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