Mathematics is my favorite subject at school

Mathematics is my favorite subject at school

Mathematics is my favorite subject in school. I have liked it since the very first grade. I enjoy solving examples and problems because it is very interesting and helps me learn more. All my acquaintances and friends call me a mathematician.

I like math very much because it has many rules that are the same for all people. It is common to use the same rules and signs all over the world. It helps bring people closer together.

Math is necessary for all people because we use it every day. For example, to buy food at the store. Many professions use math every day because they use a lot of math calculations and tasks. These professions are engineers, physicists, scientists, computer programmers, and many others.

Also, mathematics has laid the foundation for many sciences. Without it, there would be no such things as physics and chemistry. To get a job in any profession that involves mathematics in any way, you need to know it well. Then it contributes to high career growth.

Also, taking math classes helps in developing logic. Good mathematicians are always good at chess, checkers, backgammon and other board games. After all, even in our daily lives, a good ability to think logically and calculate all events ahead of time is very necessary.

Mathematics can also be your favorite hobby. There are many clubs and clubs where you can solve difficult math problems and examples and meet different interesting people. And maybe you can find good friends with whom you will socialize a lot.

Mathematics moves our world far ahead and helps in the development of mankind. Mathematics is the future and progress for science and our world.


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