Mathematics in my life essay

Mathematics in my life essay

Mathematics is a fascinating and necessary science in life. Since ancient times, people have used it in making calendars and measuring distances, in construction and travel, and in calculations in trade.

Numbers have been all around us since day one. As soon as a baby is born, his mother is already told his height and weight. Then he learns to count and time, to compare objects by size and shape.

I need math to make a daily routine, to correctly count change at the store. I also really like to assemble models from the constructor and play logic computer games, and math calculation and wit are important in them.

Grandma uses math when she cooks different delicious meals for us and calculates the right amount of food. Mom uses math when she makes patterns and counts the loops in knitting patterns.

During renovations, math came in handy for us, too. We counted how much wallpaper, glue, and paint we needed for our rooms by their square footage.

Mathematics is important in any profession. Economists and accountants, engineers and architects work with numbers. Musicians beat out the rhythm, artists use scale and projections, drivers plot a route and calculate gasoline consumption.

A timetable or train schedule, a map of an area or the starry sky cannot be made without the use of mathematics.

In today’s world, calculators and computers have come to the aid of man, but without knowledge of mathematics we can’t do without it. It develops our mind and logic, memory and attention, and helps us solve life’s problems.

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