Mathematics is one of the oldest sciences. Elements of mathematics were used back in those days when a person needed to count the number of animals killed, the number of plants. Centuries separate us from those days. And nowadays, mathematics is developing very quickly, since without it human life is impossible.

Many large doctors, economists, and social research experts believe that the further progress of their disciplines is closely linked to the wider and fuller use of mathematical methods.

The role of mathematics in modern science is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that:

without a mathematical description of a whole series of phenomena of reality, it is difficult to hope for their deeper understanding and development;

the development of physics, linguistics, technical and some other sciences involves the widespread use of the mathematical apparatus. Moreover, without the development and use of the latter, for example, neither space exploration nor the creation of electronic computers, which have found application in various fields of human activity, would be possible.

In the eyes of our generation, science has taken a colossal step in studying the laws of nature and in using the knowledge gained. Suffice it to say about the astounding successes in space exploration and the study of intra-atomic phenomena, as well as about the first heart operations. What was so recently still unknown, beyond the boundaries of people’s ideas, and even more so beyond their practical activities, has now become habitual and has entered our lives. Advances in medicine have allowed many, seemingly hopelessly sick people to return to an active life.

Many well-known mathematicians say that the main thing in mathematics is to teach a person to think, sometimes setting very difficult tasks for him. “Mathematics develops logical thinking, the ability to independently solve problems, the ability to quickly grasp the essence and find the most suitable and simple approach to the life task,” adults tell us. Mathematics is closely related to our daily lives. Mathematics is found in our lives at almost every step and it is not so gray and boring, but colorful and funny …

I will give a few examples where mathematics is encountered in life and prove its necessity in human life.

For example, our daily routine is nothing more than the determination of time and its planning during the day with the help of simple mathematical calculations. Lessons at school are also the distribution of time between studying different subjects and relaxing.

In the store, we constantly have to make mathematical calculations. For example, we need to buy products on the list. At home, we will have to calculate how much money we need to take with us in order to feel calm. So that the store does not have to worry about whether we have enough money and whether we have to leave something, and then come again.

There is nothing nicer than buying new things! So we come to the store, we see a beautiful jacket, joyfully grab it … But then the saleswoman comes up and wonders what size we need and this question confuses us. Of course, we can ask her to pick us clothes according to size. But you won’t run to the seller with every thing.

Here we again have to turn to mathematics and remember our growth – we need it so that the thing does not turn out to be very long or short.

Every day we cook. Mom and grandmother remember most recipes by heart and prepare, as they think, “by eye”. But when I ask you to teach me, then, to everyone’s surprise, the math lesson starts again. It turns out that in order to cook such simple patties you need to take: 300 g – beef, 200 g – pork, 150 g – onions, 5 g – salt, 3 g – pepper, 100 g – bread, 1 egg, vegetable oil 20 g for frying. And how many other complicated recipes and delicious dishes exist in the world!

If we are going to make repairs at home, then here we definitely can not do without mathematics. We will need to do a lot of calculations. From the accuracy of which it will depend on whether we have even walls and ceilings, and also whether we have enough wallpaper to paste over the room and tiles to put on the floor in the bathroom.

Thus, we can say that we need mathematics everywhere, and there is no such sector of the economy where we could do without it.