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My thoughts about math

For all the time I’ve been at school, I’ve got several favorite subjects: math, English, and gymnastics. Most of all I like math, starting from the second grade. Mathematics is something more than just numbers and calculations, it’s a kind of magic and genius simplicity at the same time. To understand mathematics, you have to […]

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Why I love math

Mathematics has been my favorite school subject since the first grade. I like solving examples and problems, finding answers to logical questions. I love mathematics because everything in it obeys certain rules, which are easy to understand, and which are the same for absolutely everyone. Mathematics has its own, immutable laws that apply at all […]

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Algebra Essay

Modern education is not developing as fast as electronic technology, so many have to go to lessons with heavy portfolios. But there is a way out, for example, if the schedule includes algebra, then you can simply download the pdf file of this textbook to your smartphone or tablet, and use the usual textbook only […]

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Modern Algebra Essay

The world has become so digital such that mathematics and science has contributed so much into the development of technology, and this technology has benefited humans in many areas of life and still continues to do so. Security has long been and still is one of the things that humans need and because of this […]

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