The Highlight Notes For The Best Vacuum Cleaner Usage

Vacuum Cleaner

There is no doubt that the launch of a vacuum cleaner would help women reduce the burden of household cleaning, which becomes the favorite home appliances in the family. But you have to know how to choose a vacuum cleaner for the suitable needs. Let’s refer to the suggestions below about the shark navigator lift away reviews to get smart choices for your family.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Vacuum Cleaner

– Demand and area of ​​use: If you only use the machine to suck the dust in the salon, cabinets, countertops, then just buy machines, which are capable of dry vacuuming. As your home has a large area, you should choose a versatile dry-wet vacuum cleaner to suck the dust, the dirty water, garbage, which will more convenient.

– Power plants (electric power) and vacuuming power: The engine capacity indicators show the amount of power consumption, which represents power vacuum suction and sucking capability of the machine. For families, you should choose a machine with a capacity of 300W or more , for the handheld vacuum cleaner, the suction power should be around 100-250W.

– Noise and weight: If you do not want the machine operation to affect the whole family, you must pay attention to the noise level of about 40dB factory – 60dB. The body weight should be 3 – 4 kg, if additional accessories, it will be up to 5 – 6 kg.

– Filter: with 2 filters are Micro and HEPA, it can be very effective. The Micro filters are often used in portable machines, which are easy to disassemble, needs less vacuuming. The HEPA filters are used in the form of wire machine vacuum bags with strong suction capability on a wide area.

Considering The Price And Manufacturers

Vacuum cleaners vary the price from several hundred to several million. With only 20$, you can own a handheld vacuum cleaner. However, we should consider the material factors, manufacturers to choose a vacuum cleaner with good quality and durability coming from prestigious brands such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, the prices range from 50$-100$.

The Note When Using And Storing The Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Check The Chassis And Wires

First, you need to check the hood to see if having any cracks, then wipe off the grime cling. Wires should be considered carefully, if any phenomenon or peeling off openings, you need to carry out repairs immediately to prevent electrical accidents and ensure the engine in vacuum to be undamaged.

Step 2: Check The Straps

After examining the casing and wiring, the next issue to consider is the belt. You check the cracks, ensuring tight straps connect to the body of the machine. If the wire is cracked or twisted, it will cause unstable machine operation, causing the engine heat and consuming more power. In the case of loose straps, worn, broken or irregular lumps floating, you should immediately replace.

Step 3: Cleaning Filters

You need to remove the dirt or objects sticking to the vacuum cleaner filter to ensure maximum performance of the machine. In addition, at least 1 time per year, you should regularly clean the filter with soapy water, dried and mounted on the machine to prevent mold, bacteria and odor buildup inside.

Step 4: Clean The Roll Brush

The roll brush of a vacuum often stick objects like tangled hair, cotton or fine animal hair, so you have to be cleaned for the department. Then, check bearings and smooth are turning or not, if occurs, you should replace the new bearings.

Step 5: Clean, Replace The Dust Bag

You need to make sure the dust bag is not torn to eliminate the risk of falling mallow seeds into the engine compartment damaging the machine. With cloth bag, carrying out regular washing is essential, while the paper dust bags are simpler because they can easily be replaced. Also, you should avoid letting the dust bag be too full as this will reduce the suction power.

Step 6: Check Nozzle

After a long period of use, the nozzle may appear the breakage or simply the large objects may clog the ventilation line. So, you need to conduct a nozzle check periodically.