How To Select The Appropriate A Good Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

In today’s modern life, the rice cooker is considered a necessary household items for every family. With a rice cooker, you only takes 20-30 minutes to have a rice cooker really tasty, appealing to families.

However, to choose a good rice cooker isn’t easy. You must know some steps to choose. You can consider and choose best rice cooker for brown rice to save time and electricity in cooking rice. And then the work of cooking is steadier than ever.

 Not all people have the ability to choose a pot really fit the needs of your family. If you still feel dazed when procuring rice cooker, please consult through the following steps:

Step 1: Determine The Appropriate Type Of Rice Cooker

On the market today there are two main types of rice cooker pot body (lid off and tuck flap) and electronic rice cooker. Rice cooker pot body is kind of self-breaker relays, only two functions are cooked and kept warm, so the price is cheap. Electronic rice cooker is equipped with electronic chips, programmed cooking modes, prices and hence higher mechanical rice cooker.

Step 2: Select The Appropriate Capacity

Rice cookers today have a lot of small to large capacity. Therefore, depending on the number of family members that you will have your own choice. Normally 1-1,8L space suitable for families of 2-6 people, 2-4L capacity suitable for the people who eat from 6 upwards. Of course, there are many size for you to choose. You can consider the member in your family to choose suitable rice cooker.

Step 3: Select The Material Of Rice Cooker

On the market there are three common types of materials pot is aluminum alloy, cast iron and stainless steel (Inox). Stainless steel pot to heat and cool the rice quickly, pot light, cheap. Heavier cast iron pot, heat quickly but lead to much higher costs. In particular, the aluminum alloy pot more popular as the other two types of pot durable advantages, the shiny surface is easy to clean, affordable.

Step 4: Pay Attention To The Coating Of The Rice Cooker

Type no stick coating pot safe for users, however, when the cooking fire prone hygiene difficult by the bottom layer clung burning pot. In contrast, the kind of pan with non-stick layer will absorb heat faster and also helps it to cook them more convenient cleaning.

Step 5: Consider Cooking Technology

Currently, manufacturers usually use 3 popular cooking technology is Fuzzy Logic, 2D and 3D. 2D technologies used in cooking rice cooker base, the lower heating mechanism and around the body helps it to cook evenly, but if water is accidentally for rice will be paste. Fuzzy Logic and 3D technology is integrated in the electronic rice cookers, more advanced 2D, automatically adjust heating and cooking time helps delicious rice, dry, pasty or too dry is not.

Step 6: Select The Brand

If possible, you should choose high-end brands such as Sharp, Toshiba, Sanyo … these are highly durable, a good cook, so the price is quite high. If only the average budget, you should choose the type of pot Sunhouse popular brands, Supor, Media …

Step 7: Pay Attention To The Origin

To be safe when used, you should select the type of clear origin. Rice cooker originating from China are cheap but prone to use fire for not being equipped with safety features for the user.

The Convenience Functions Of Rice Cooker You Should Know

Lights: lights will change color (possibly with a beep) when the alarm condition needs to cook or switch to other cooking modes.

Cooking timer: convenient when you need to cook for breakfast and want to plan ahead in the evening, helping to save time or when you want to cook at home you do not. This function is only available in electronic rice cooker.- Quick Cooking: This cooking mode will skip the rice soak, which saves time when you need to cook folded, similar in function and only electronic rice cooker.

Electronic control panel: commonly found in electronic rice cooker makes it easy to adjust and monitor the functions of pot cooking process.

Good luck to you.

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