How To Pick The Best Sofa In Your Family


To keep the sofa in the family will always be durable, the first factor plays a very important role that you should consider is the selection of upholstery fabrics for sofa. Only a few seats peeling or torn will make the value of the sofa is greatly reduced. Therefore, in areas used regularly you should avoid using the high-maintenance fabrics.

The best sleeper sofas is very much favored visitors as thick canvas or velvet with multicolored stripes and affordable cost, quite tough and durable, but the drawback is easy to waterproof, dust, fur and difficult to clean. If you decide to choose most comfortable sleeper sofa you should avoid using in an atmosphere where wet, high humidity, dust and pets.

If you set the criteria of durable top should not take much time searching again, the leather sofa would be the best choice. Hygiene, cleaning them is also easier and more dye you comfortable fashion choice preference, destiny, age. However, this product has not been widely used because the price is quite expensive. On today’s market, there appeared the artificial skin maker vinyl fibers, PVC leather, increased ductility and smooth, cost just more expensive material, but it carries a little more natural look.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho sofa in home

How To Pick The Best Sofa 

If you want to increase looks more imposing, luxury for your living room, you can choose the form of a sofa with carved detail. Meanwhile format beautiful sofa, low foot house will suit brought modern trends, with youthful style. If you want the real family living room sofa luxury and make an impression on people, you should choose this type of sofa. Not one was pretty picky, the sofa is designed simple design and color as the more gentlemanly courtesy.

How To Pick The Best Buy For Your Sofa

The main factor affecting the decision to purchase any of the customer’s sofa is a sofa designs. This is also the main factor determining the style of the room, where the sofa. Normally with 1 sofa usually divided into 2 parts is settee and two armchairs. But in fact, many people prefer the sofa as 1 bed volume. Sofa modern lines designed parts can be separated for convenience and to change shape, different purposes as needed. There are also beautiful shape sofa table legs are not lazy in the background.

The office sofa classic Western express the elegance, aristocratic interior space. The beautiful sofa or chair legs back against high, arranged for anonymous stretch not classical architectural style modern access or colony (French colonial style) is most suitable. With houses built villa style Gothic architecture, the kind of sofa leather with metal kickstand touch pattern is most appropriate.

How To Pick The Best Buy For Your Sofa

Besides, the material of the fabric you choose for upholstery need ton of sofa designs to create a unique style for each home, expressing your personality. Thick seat fabric textures patterned increase luxury sink and youthful for the house. Colored seat fabric smooth, with the ribbed pattern formation running under the border will make the sofa and chairs look more graceful.

Colors are considered as the “soul” to create the perfect sofa. Depending on the preferences of the employer or with a combination of house paint colors that you can choose the colors, how to fit the space of the room.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho sofa in home

Area space factor cannot be ignored. By the majority of the sofa, both make a lot of area. If you do not know how to choose the appropriate, streamlining will make the room was old-fashioned family. With an area form the living room just right, you should buy only every kind of beautiful sofa couch and a small table.

IVI produce loyal sofa with leather, fabric, felt, premium imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Italy …. bring long period of use, durability over time. The product family sofa IVI own warranty on upholstery during at least 24 months to 72 months depending on the upholstery.

Decorative Pillows Sofa

Decorative pillows sofa family help you become more attractive. IVI sofa pillow material are produced from cotton is made from high-grade virgin PE particles gives a soft comfortable feeling when use. Depending on which way the sofa’s color choices are also different decorative pillows.

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