How To Help You Operate Plasma Cutter Effectively?

Mechanical Machine

To get plasma cutter have to qualify to meet many different criteria, here are 5 basic accessories necessary for the operation of plasma cutter.

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Computer Control

Computer controlled a plasma cutter is the type of computer used for industrial, professional manufacturers will never use a conventional computer to control this kind of machine; instead they will use industrial computers. A computer model designed separately, it can operate in any manufacturing environment, where there is much dust, high temperatures, and high humidity, especially resistance to vibration and noise to good.

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In the work environment that industrial computers will work better, life expectancy is much higher than conventional computers. So the computer industry is the top choice for controller plasma cutter machine.

The Drive Motor

The drive motor axes X, Y, Z is Servo motors, this is the type of motor has high accuracy but cost no turning back. Many plasma cutter have replaced this engine with engine with low accuracy steps to reduce product cost CNC cutting machines. Let’s compare the two types of engines to further understand its operating principle.

Engines Step

Engines have low accuracy, frequent loss of step (step loss) when facing an obstacle or a load is too heavy. Thus in the course of operation if the loss occurred step will lead to errors on material excess that the operator did not know. This engine has a relatively low cost compared with servo motors.

Servo Motors

Motors with high precision, in the course of operation if an obstacle or heavy load, the motor will automatically increase to overcome, if not insurmountable obstacles will quote engine errors and stop working to avoid errors while cutting. The cost is quite high with this engine can fold 3 or 4 times the step motor.

The Controller Height

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Machine must be equipped with automatic height control (ATHC – Auto Torch Height Controller), in fact the material is not completely flat cut, which will have a curvature, certain buckled. to ensure that your products have nice straight lines and then the automatic height control is an indispensable accessory, not only help us with beautiful products that the ATHC cut also helps us increase the life of Berlin cut during use (always hold true torch height prescribed by manufacturers of plasma sources), but it also helps us avoid torch damage during operation.

Similarly, if there plasma cutter machine equipped with cutting torches Oxy / Gas, we have to retrofit the controller ignition and torch height for Oxy / Gas.

Plucks Crop Protection

On the machine needs to be equipped with anti-fracture device for plasma torch. For cnc plasma cutting machine cutting the last detail, fall off and have a portion protruding from the surface or material also occurs. If these timely move torches across the details are rising, the collision between a plasma torch and obstructions on the way to go is inevitable.

This may break the torch if the machine is not equipped with anti-plucks parts cut. Cutting costs for the mine are not cheap; if there is no damage this is likely you will have to replace every few months’ torch lead to increased production costs.

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Tables Breaker

This is a very important part of plasma cutter, but many manufacturers are always underestimated its importance. The plasma cutter operator as health, human health is important most so-standard cutting table equipped to ensure the work environment.

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